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makefacesnotwar's Journal

Make Faces Not War
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Hey all you non-violet peaceful children. This is the untilmate anti-war Livejournal Community. Here we can chit chat about how stupid, silly and pointless war really is. War is lame! So protest! Vent! Update! And rip down the "Uncle Sam Wants You Now!" signs god damnit!

Community Rules
1.) No off topic posts.
2.) No fighting with other users. Agree to Disagree
4.) No spamming or trolling, you will be banned.
5.) Do not play the role of the moderator. What does that mean? That means if someone's post is unrelated it is not your place to leave a long reply yelling at them. If you think theres a problem contact me via email/livejournal/AIM (Facelesscrowds)
6.) You can post pictures and all that jazz but if the pic is huge or you have a shyte load then use the lj cutt. The pic must be related in some way.

Any problems, comments, or if you have ideas on how to make the community a better place...drop me a line on my livejournal.

Community Moderator