A Cup of JO (jolefay) wrote in makefacesnotwar,
A Cup of JO

Media Manipulation

I fell asleep and I wake up at 2:30 am to CNN's crappy fucking headline about Al Qaeda being linked to the UN Bombing in Iraq. WHEN WILL AMERICA NOTICE THAT THE NEWS WANTS TO FEED ON YOUR FEAR. Outside of America ESPECIALLY TO A NATION IN WAR.....Travel does not hold the freedom it has here in the US. It is IMPOSSIBLE GEOGRAPHICALLY THROUGH CHECKPOINTS FOR AN AFGHANISTAN TERRORIST TO MAKE IT TO IRAQ. IMPOSSIBLE....YES I SAID IT IMPOSSIBLE. We are being manipulated into believing that Iraq was a good idea.. no weapons of mass destruction but look at the terrorism. They want you to believe there was a link and PLAY ONCE AGAIN OFF YOUR IGNORANCE. EDUCATE YOURSELF. EDUCATE YOURSELF. EDUCATE YOURSELF. AND QUIT BELIEVING EVERYTHING YOUR POLITICALLY STEERED MEDIA WANTS YOU TO BELIEVE. I think I will have a glass of water.
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